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Black-Necked Grebe

Podiceps nigricollis (C.L.Brehm, 1831)

Черношейная поганка | Қарамойын сұқсыр

Sorbulak lake, Almaty region
© Vassiliy Fedorenko


Breeding throughout Kazakhstan both on plains and in mountains (Markakol lake), excluding arid Mangyshlak and deserts; on migration occasionally visits high mountain lakes (Big Almaty lake, 4 September 1971, 9-11 August 1973, 6 June 1976).


Common, locally numerous breeding migrant. Inhabits lakes and slow-flowing steppe rivers and spill overs with reed, cane, reed-mace and other vegetation on plains and in mountains up to 1450 m in Altai region. On migration recorded on open reservoirs, usually in flocks of 10 -15, occasionally up to 100 birds. Breeding in colonies of some hundreds or tens of pairs, often with gulls and terns. Appears in mid-April – early May at southern areas, and end April – mid-May at northern regions. Breeding begins in mid-May. Floating nests are built among vegetation though on Sorbulak lake birds have been observed to construct nests on sandy shores of small islands (perhaps observed when water level drops and birds continue incubating). Both parents build nest from decayed wet stems and leaves. Clutches usually 3-5 eggs, but up to 8, and repeated clutches found from mid-May to early July. Juveniles noted from mid-June till August. Both parents care for juveniles. Small chicks often observed sitting on back of one adult, while the other adult dives for food to feed youngsters. Repeated breeding after loss of clutches is common. Autumn migration begins in mid-August and finishes in the first week of November. Wintering in small numbers in lower reaches of Arys, Keles rivers and on Syrdarya river at Chinaz.


Podiceps nigricollis nigricollis (C.L.Brehm, 1831)


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Podiceps nigricollis nigricollis
(C.L.Brehm, 1831)

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Анна Ясько: Сергей, спасибо за доп. снимки. Птица слева на 2 фото - ближе к черноголовому, но я не уверена во второй птице (та, что справа). "Окраска верха


Анна Ясько: Сергей, вроде окрас груди нормальный для черноголового - два четких охристых пятна. Мне кажется, нужно его поместить в Carduelis carduelis.


Анна Ясько: Сергей, пожалуйста, посмотрите у себя дополнительные ракурсы этой птицы.

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