Birdwatching Reports

2017-05-08 Saura, MangystauAnna Yasko 28
2017-04-09 Zhylandy, MangystauAnna Yasko 27
2017-04-01 Zhylandy, MangystauAnna Yasko 41
2017-03-31 Aktau, MangystauAnna Yasko 28
2017-03-22 Karakol lake, Aktau, MangystauAnna Yasko 28
2017-03-20 Aktau, MangystauAnna Yasko 19
2017-03-19 Aktau, MangystauAnna Yasko 13
2017-03-19 Aktau, MangystauAnna Yasko 1
2017-03-18 Aktau, MangystauAnna Yasko 17
2017-03-09 Aktau, MangystauAnna Yasko 21
2017-03-08 Aktau, MangystauAnna Yasko 11
2017-02-28 Aktau, MangystauAnna Yasko 16
2017-02-20 Aktau, MangystauAnna Yasko 22
2017-01-14 Karakol lake, MangystauAnna Yasko 33



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rare birds records

Red Crossbill (Loxia curvirostra)

© Sergey Ukhov
Bautino, Mangystau

Первая встреча вида на Мангышлаке.

Black Redstart (Phoenicurus ochruros)

© Malik Nukusbekov
Ertai. Zhambyl oblast.

The second winter record of Black Redstart in S and SE Kazakhstan. Before this record one male was observed in 7th of February, 1998 in Zhabagly village (Чаликова, 2008).

Pygmy Cormorant (Phalacrocorax pygmaeus)

© Alexandr Belyaev
Almatinskaja obl., g. Taldykorgan

First winter record in Dzhungar Alatau area. The closest wintering spots of Pygmy Cormorant are known in Chu river valley near Korday village, border of Kyrgyz Republic (Белялов, Карпов 2008). Also in wintering recorded in Issyk-Kul lake (Кулагин 2006).

White-winged Lark (Melanocorypha leucoptera)

© Andrey Vilyayev
Iuzhnokazakhstanskaia oblast, Koksaraiskoe vodokhranilishche

First record of so huge number of wintering White-winged Larks in Kazahstan. In Arys irrigated lands the observers recorded eight flocks of 150 to 15 000 birds, totally about 30 000 birds. The reason of the concentration of Larks in one spot is the snowy weather in the day before the day of record.

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Big Year 2018

1. Askar Isabekov (77)
2. Andrey Vilyayev (52)
3. Boris Gubin (45)
4. Anna Yasko (44)
5. Alexandr Katuncev (43)