Brandt's Rosefinch

Leucosticte brandti brandti (Bonaparte, 1850)

Жемчужный вьюрок | Інжурең құнақ
© Vassiliy Fedorenko

all photos of serie (clickable):

author: Vassiliy Fedorenko
location: Space station, Zailiysky Alatau
date: 2014-02-01
equipment: Nikon D7100 + Tokina AT-X 300 f/2.8

2014-02-05. Zbigniew Sroga:

Finally images depicting the hidden but intricate beauty of this bird. Thanks for sharing and efforts to find and capture all those high-mountain dwellers. Looks like a great season and you guys are doing a fantastic job !!

2014-02-05. Таран Анатолий:

Отличное фото!

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