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1. Terek Sandpiper (2011-05-21)
2. Long-legged Buzzard (2011-05-27)
3. Steppe Eagle (2011-05-30)
5. Kentish Plover (2011-06-06)

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2013-12-31. Terek Sandpiper, Long-legged Buzzard.

2013-12-28. Steppe Eagle, Kentish Plover, Rufous-tailed Rock Thrush.

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2013-12-29. to photo # 02870000301 (Rufous-tailed Rock Thrush)

Dušan Kerestúr: Thank you,sorry,it was a mistake.

2013-12-28. to photo # 02870000301 (Rufous-tailed Rock Thrush)

Исабеков Аскар: Thanks Dušan. Please do it to the rest of your series.

2013-12-28. to photo # 02870000301 (Rufous-tailed Rock Thrush)

Исабеков Аскар: Dear Dušan welcome to the project Birds of Kazakhstan . We are always happy to see birdwatchers from other countries in Kazakhstan. Our bird database include not only photos but the coordinates of place of shot too. Please click the edit buttom under [....]

rare birds records

Long-tailed Duck (Clangula hyemalis)

© Gennadiy Dyakin
Sorbulak, Almaty region

First record in Sorbulak during recent 10 years. Rarely observed in winter time in Sorbulak. Previously was observed at 2002, October 20 and 27 (1 male in winter plumage), and December 15 (female); at 2003, February 02 (1 female in channel); at 2004, December 12 (4 birds), December 19 (3 birds); at 2005 January 23 (1 bird); at 2010 October 24 (1 bird) (Belyalov, Karpov, 2012).

Spotted Great Rosefinch (Carpodacus rubicilla severtzovi)

© Andrey Kovalenko
Almaty area, Zailiysky Alatau.

First photo-record of Great Rosefinch in Ile-Alatau ridge. Previously regularly recorded in winter time in Almaty, but population was destroied in end of 90th by poachers. Recent 20 years was not observed in fact. In addition to autumn-winter records Great Rosefinches were recorded in highlands of Ili-Alatau ridge at May 5th, 1965 in altitude 2900 m (Gavrilov,1974); in first half od August, 1973 in altitude 3000 m, male (Gubin, 2002); and at March 23, 1975 in altitude 3300 m, singning male (Kovshar, et all, 1978).

White-winged Tern (Chlidonias leucopterus)

© Fedor Karpov

Fisrt winter record of White-winged Tern in Kazakhstan.

Arctic Skua (Stercorarius parasiticus)

© Ivan Bevza

First record of Arctic Skua in South-Eastern Kazakhstan. Generally rare bird in inner part of continent. In Kazakhstan was recorded mostly in large lakes (in Caspian Sea near Atyrau and Mangyshlak, in Tengiz, in Aral Sea, in Telikol lakes, in road to Arnasai lake, in Chelkar lake), and also in Naurzum reserve and Chokpak ringing station.

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recent video

2020-01-22. Great White Egret (Viktoriya Zvyaginceva).

2020-01-20. Himalayan Snowcock (Pavel Petrovskiy), Northern Lapwing (Pavel Petrovskiy).

2020-01-04. Guldenstadt's Redstart (Viktoriya Zvyaginceva).

2019-12-29. Grey-Headed Woodpecker (Natali Kim).

2019-12-17. Crested Lark (Aldiyar Saparbayev).

2019-11-30. Bohemian Waxwing (Viktoriya Zvyaginceva).

2019-11-23. White-tailed Sea-Eagle (Natali Kim).

2019-11-09. Great White Egret (Natali Kim).

2019-11-06. Ural Owl (Andrei Kuryashkin).

2019-11-02. Grey Heron (Natali Kim).

2019-10-31. Lesser Spotted Woodpecker (Natali Kim).

2019-10-29. Caspian Gull (Natali Kim), Coal Tit (Natali Kim).

2019-10-04. Common Redshank (Andrei Kuryashkin).

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unidentified birds


Александр Нефёдов: Андрей, вы правы. Окраска показалась необычной: "слишком" серые голова и шея, беловатый подбородок, почти до основания чёрный клюв... Не перепроверил [....]


Александр Катунцев: Черный гриф.


Николай Балацкий: Степной молодой лунь.


Марина Гудимова: Нашла еще кадры. Тут лучше видно птичку.


Андрей Баздырев: Линяющая чёрная крачка - верх крыла серый.

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