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1. Semi-collared Flycatcher (2018-04-02)
2. Corncrake (2018-05-05)
3. Menetries Warbler (2018-05-07)
4. Little Bittern (2018-05-28)
5. Clamorous Reed Warbler (2018-05-28)
6. Arctic Warbler (2019-05-20)

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2019-05-25. Arctic Warbler.

2018-07-16. Little Bittern, Corncrake, Menetries Warbler, Clamorous Reed Warbler.

2018-07-13. Semi-collared Flycatcher.

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2019-05-26. to photo # 06190000701 (Arctic Warbler)

Сергей Силантьев: Здесь тоже вопрос к знатокам....По каким признакам птица отнесена к таловке?

2018-07-19. to photo # 06190000401 (Corncrake)

Sean Minns: I was very fortunate to see this bird in the dunes on the beach at Bautino. We also found another dead bird sadly killed by a cat at the Hotel Dostyk.

2018-07-17. to photo # 06190000601 (Clamorous Reed Warbler)

Анна Ясько: Thanks for the explanation. The question arose because the primary projection is not visible in the photo, and the color of the plumage is not always obvious in the photo. So I asked.

2018-07-17. to photo # 06190000601 (Clamorous Reed Warbler)

Sean Minns: The birds were singing. Moreover, it can be identified in short primary projection, overall upper parts and underparts coloration.Usually I’d have expected Great Reed Warbler, but we are getting regular records of Clamorous Reed Warbler suggesting a [....]

2018-07-16. to photo # 06190000601 (Clamorous Reed Warbler)

Анна Ясько: Почему именно туркестанская?

2018-07-16. to photo # 06190000401 (Corncrake)

Анна Ясько: Коростель - это здорово! Галерея сайта бедна на этот вид. Интересно, почему? От того, что редко встречается или от того, что скрытная? Мне довелось [....]

rare birds records

White-winged Grosbeak (Mycerobas carnipes)

© Vladimir Vorobyov
VKO Katon-Karagay

Rare record of White-winged Grosbeak in Altai. Previously observed at February 7 1978 and November 29 1981 (Berezovikov et al, 1992; Berezovikov, 1989). Sergei Starikov recognizes White-winged Grosbeak as resident of upper Bukhtarma river, in altitude 2200 m he observed territorial behavior of couple (Starikov, 2006).

Blue-capped Redstart (Phoenicurus caeruleocephalus)

© Andrey Kovalenko

First winter record of Blue-capped Redstart in Kazakhstan. Normally it appears in mid-March, Closest spring record in birds.kz was at March 2nd (20 days gap).

Great Rosefinch (Carpodacus rubicilla)

© Malik Nukusbekov
Ertai. Zhambyl oblast.

First photo record in Kyrgyz Alatau. First Great Rosefinch in upper of Merke gorge was recorded by Fedor Karpov at November 24, 1985 (adult male in juniper belt, KOB-2007, p. 268); in same gorge in altitude about 2400 m at June 03, 2003 one male was recorded in juniper bush by S.Annenkova and V.Ashby (KOB-2003, p.91).

White-winged Scoter (Melanitta deglandi)

© Askar Isabekov
Sorbulak lake system. Almaty oblast.

First record in Sorbulak, and generally in southern part of Kazakhstan. First winter record.

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recent video

2020-02-18. Long-tailed Rosefinch (Andrei Kuryashkin).

2020-02-14. Common Redpoll (Andrei Kuryashkin).

2020-01-22. Great White Egret (Viktoriya Zvyaginceva).

2020-01-20. Himalayan Snowcock (Pavel Petrovskiy), Northern Lapwing (Pavel Petrovskiy).

2020-01-04. Guldenstadt's Redstart (Viktoriya Zvyaginceva).

2019-12-29. Grey-Headed Woodpecker (Natali Kim).

2019-12-17. Crested Lark (Aldiyar Saparbayev).

2019-11-30. Bohemian Waxwing (Viktoriya Zvyaginceva).

2019-11-23. White-tailed Sea-Eagle (Natali Kim).

2019-11-09. Great White Egret (Natali Kim).

2019-11-06. Ural Owl (Andrei Kuryashkin).

2019-11-02. Grey Heron (Natali Kim).

2019-10-31. Lesser Spotted Woodpecker (Natali Kim).

2019-10-29. Caspian Gull (Natali Kim).

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unidentified birds


Аскар Исабеков: красное пятно на бугорке клюва указывает на ББГЧ (исключает сизую), на маховых большое белое пятно есть только на крайнем, что указывает на [....]


Канатбек Кенжегулов: Спасибо Олег


Актан Мухашов: Ассалаумгалейкум, Рахмет!


Актан Мухашов: Колдын койы.


Владимир Казенас: Большое спасибо, Аскар!!!

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