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Silicon Valley Observation Notes

2020-02-12 | Andrey Vilyayev

Hello everybody! I had the chance to travel for two weeks in January in Silicon Valley, USA, California. The first impression is that I got into a “bird watcher” paradise. California birds live close to people and seem to enjoy all the legal rights of citizens of America and the state of California. All conditions have been created for their living and preservation of their natural habitat. What I dreamed about before the trip was - the first to see an American condor and - the second a hummingbird. Lucky, photographed and a dream and more. Were met as exotic for our mountains, steppes, and familiar to us. In total, more than 60 species. The definition of birds was made by FIELD GUIDE to the Birds of NORTH AMERICA (J.L.Dunn, J.Alderfer, 7 ed.). Forgive me professionals, I could be wrong. So, for the fulfillment of dreams! [...... read more ]

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С Днем рождения Борис Михайлович

2018-01-30 | Andrey Vilyayev

Прошел еще один наш общий год. И снова как один из рубежей наступил день рождения.День Рождения нашего общего Друга, Учителя, Гуру орнитологии – Бориса Михайловича!Вчера был с ним на сьемках. На руку ему присела синичка. Не велика синичка, да та ещё птичка говорит русская пословица. «Синица в руках лучше журавля в небе» или на инглиш «one bird in the hand is worth ten in the woods». Думаю, настоящая жизнь начинается не тогда, когда ты родился, а тогда, когда мы освобождаемся от зависимости выживать. Когда наконец-то забываем о своей животной сущности. Когда наконец-то [...... read more ]



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rare birds records

White-winged Grosbeak (Mycerobas carnipes)

© Vladimir Vorobyov
VKO Katon-Karagay

Rare record of White-winged Grosbeak in Altai. Previously observed at February 7 1978 and November 29 1981 (Berezovikov et al, 1992; Berezovikov, 1989). Sergei Starikov recognizes White-winged Grosbeak as resident of upper Bukhtarma river, in altitude 2200 m he observed territorial behavior of couple (Starikov, 2006).

Blue-capped Redstart (Phoenicurus caeruleocephalus)

© Andrey Kovalenko

First winter record of Blue-capped Redstart in Kazakhstan. Normally it appears in mid-March, Closest spring record in birds.kz was at March 2nd (20 days gap).

Great Rosefinch (Carpodacus rubicilla)

© Malik Nukusbekov
Ertai. Zhambyl oblast.

First photo record in Kyrgyz Alatau. First Great Rosefinch in upper of Merke gorge was recorded by Fedor Karpov at November 24, 1985 (adult male in juniper belt, KOB-2007, p. 268); in same gorge in altitude about 2400 m at June 03, 2003 one male was recorded in juniper bush by S.Annenkova and V.Ashby (KOB-2003, p.91).

White-winged Scoter (Melanitta deglandi)

© Askar Isabekov
Sorbulak lake system. Almaty oblast.

First record in Sorbulak, and generally in southern part of Kazakhstan. First winter record.

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