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Про голоса птиц

2017-02-25 | Askar Isabekov

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Tracks on snow

2017-02-23 | Askar Isabekov

Today I found the tracks on snow in the park. First the illegible tracks of someone with short legs, then they disappeared and then the tracks of wings - three tracks, each next is less clear than previous.My guess: recent years in this place the different small rodents and insectivorous inhabited: moles, shrews, may be voles. I think some of its came out on the snow and was captured by Sparrowhawk. I think by Sparrowhawk, due to the small wingspan - about 45 cm.I confused by the large size of tracks for underground inhabitants. Size is more suitable for Squirrel. But Squirrel can not come out of nowhere, but the tracks suddenly appeared and just as suddenly disappeared. [...... read more ]

Sorbulak. Start of spring migration.

2017-02-19 | Askar Isabekov

Sunday was surprisingly cold and snowy. But I and Oleg Belyalov anyway went to Sorbulak. Firstly we visited Little Sorbulak. On the road over Karaoi village we noticed birds were feeding on the hay putting on snow. Most of birds were Corn Buntings and Feral Pigeons, but also Crested larks, one Black-throated Thrush, Mynas, Collared Doves were there; nearby we saw Grey-headed Goldfinches too. The next spot is dump of Sorbulak. Due to frost the road to dump was more or less good, but some times we rounded the water by the snowy steppe. In the dump as we expected we saw much of Corvids, Rock Doves, and several tens of White-tailed Sea-Eagles. Among the latters we noticed two Steppe Eagles too. Two closest to mouth of channel bays of the first reservoir of Little Sorbulak are open. But the rest of reservoir is still ice-covered. But in open water we saw Swans (both Mute and Whooper) and Ducks (Mallards, Pintails, Common Pochards, Gosadners). On the road to gateway we saw three Fieldfares and [...... read more ]

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Незаурядный день!

2017-02-15 | Alexandr Balykin

Так вот! После того как отвез утром дочь в детский сад решил проехать мимо вчерашних мест с интересной встречей свирестелей, а вдруг не улетели, вдруг кормятся на каком-нибудь кусте шиповника где-то рядом, (крутилось в голове пока поднимался по проспекту Аль-Фараби, и вот проехав мимо места встречи заметил очищенный от плодов куст, доехал до Мустафина и свернул направо в сторону КазГАСА и только перевел взгляд на противоположную сторону дороги, а тааамм!!!! на тротуаре несколько птиц собирают шиповник, после разворота впечатлений добавила встреча [...... read more ]


2017-02-05 | Gennadiy Dyakin

На выходные ездили купаться на горячие источники за Чунджой. Пока ехали туда удивлялся, что большую часть дороги не встретилось ни одного хищника. Но это было до Чилика. А вот потом появились и разные канюки, и 2 пустельги встретились. И я понял почему: до Чилика земля была покрыта сплошным снежным покровом, а вот дальше уже только пятна снега, а потом и вообще снега не стало. На обратном пути 5 февраля стал считать канюков, и на участке между горячими источниками и мостом через Чарын (это около 60 км) насчитал 18 канюков. Не всех их удалось разглядеть [...... read more ]

rare birds records

Long-billed Dowitcher (Limnodromus scolopaceus)

© Askar Isabekov
Sorbulak lake system. Almaty oblast.

Second photo record of Long-billed Dowitcher in Kazakhstan. The first one was recorded in Sorbulak lakes too at September 7th, 2014 (Fedorenko, Isabekov, Dyakin, 2014). Group of birdwatchers with Peter Kennely also watched this bird in Sholak lake near Kurgaldzhino village at May 15, 2005, but unfortunately no evidence of this record was provided.
Орнитологический вестник Казахстана и Средней Азии, вып. 3, Алматы, 2014: 211-212

Little Bunting (Emberiza pusilla)

© Steve Klasan

The second record for Tengiz-Korgalzhyn area. Before this record one bird was observed at December 12, 1969 in floodland of Nura river.
Кошкин А.В. 2017. Орнитофауна Тениз-Коргалжынского региона (Центральный Казахстан) // Рус. орнитол. журн. 26 (1415): 909-956.

Amur (White) Wagtail (Motacilla (alba) leucopsis)

© Sveta Ashby

Fist record of Amur Wagtail (Motacilla alba leucopsis) in Kazakhstan. Most of systematics treat this taxon as subspecies of White Wagtail (Mac Kinnon&Phillips, 2000; Степанян, 2003; Roberts, 2006; Brazil, 2014; Clements, 2016; HBW, 2016) but include it to special group of eastern races. Breeding range of this bird contains Far East Russia, Korea peninsula, SW Japan, central and eastern China. Winters in Southern Asia eastward to Northern India. Records of vagrant birds known in Vitim Reserve (Russia, Northern Trans-Baikal area) at April 29, 2014 (S.L.Volkov, and in Eastern Mongolia (Gombobaatar & Monks, 2011). From November 27 to December 2 of 2015 one male was observed in Finland (Kujala, Päijät-Häme), it's third record in Western Palearctic.

Altai Snowcock (Tetraogallus altaicus)

© Vladimir Vorobyov
VKO Katon-Karagay

The first nest of Altai Snowcock found in Kazakhstan. Previously only several broods were recorded.

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