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Chaffinches are back

2013-09-30 | Sanzhar Abdikhalyk

Собравшись с мыслями сделаю запись о двух прогулках в Переходную Рощу (между Кимасаром и Бутаковкой) на прошлой неделе, но пока маленький апдейт ... Вчера впервые в этом осеннем сезоне видел зябликов - немаленькую стайку в 10-15 штук в этой самой роще ... [...... read more ]

Urban Birding. Republic Square.

2013-09-28 | Askar Isabekov

Day is overcast in morning but sunny from the lunch time. I went to the Square at 9.30. Birds are absent, though I hoped to watch anyone before the appearance of numerous wedding groups. But birds are absent, I guessed due to loudly sound of trade center Almaly and the large number of service employees. But more likely reason is because of overcast weather. After the clearing of weather the Stonechats and then other birds appear. However number of birds is a still not enough. Stonechats were feeding near the Сornus sanguinea trees, they were eating not berries but insects in the grass using trees as place of rest. In addition to Stonechats there are Hume’s Warbler (heared but visible only two times) and Lesser Whitethroats here too. Whitethroats also were feeding in the Thúja trees but after sun appearance. I saw male Stonechat bathing under the water drops of watering point. Bird was fluffing and puting own feathers in water drops. Also Lesser Whitethroat was perching to the watering [...... read more ]

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With Malik to Kimasar gorge, Ile Alatau National Park.

2013-09-22 | Askar Isabekov

Day is warm and sunny. Tour to Kimasar gorge with Gennady Dyakin and Malik Nukusbekov. Because of Malik wanted to walk in the Tien Shan spruce forest we went by the top of ridge, and immediately recorded Three-toed Woodpecker pecked the trunk. Woodpecker was very calm, didn’t fly to a far, and finally showed us the hole. It was very surprisingly because there is hole in birch-tree but we always related Three-toed Woodpecker to spruce forest. Further in the road we saw many little passerines – Warblers, Wrens, Blue-capped Redstarts. We heard Nutcrackers and once saw group of Mistle Thrushes flying from one slope to another. The road in forest has many advantages but one shortcoming – high spruce trees are interfering to watch flying birds. Once I took photo of flying Crested Honey Buzzard, but next times I didn’t even recognize large birds of prey flying by from east to west. Total were 5-6 birds in three groups (first group of 2 birds, second one of 1 or 2, and single bird), I couldn’t [...... read more ]

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Зава на Капчагайском водохранилище

2013-09-16 | Igor Karyakin

Самка большого подорлика, помеченная GSM/GPS даталоггером в июле 2013 г. в Алтайском крае - 16 сентября добралась до Капчагайского водохранилишща.Страница с перемещениями завы на сайте RRRCN. Обсуждение в форуме [...... read more ]

Republic Square. Urban Birding.

2013-09-14 | Askar Isabekov

Short birding in Square. Of the non residents of Square I saw only flock of Stonechats. [...... read more ]

Малое Алматинское Ущелье

2013-09-14 | Sanzhar Abdikhalyk

В субботу решили прогуляться до Альпенграда с Юрой Шмыгом, бердером из Украины. Погода обещала быть неустойчивой и с дождем ближе к вечеру. К сожалению дождь начался гораздо раньше и с переменным успехом шел до вечера. Дошли только до скал и все время провели в лесной зоне. Хайлайт - когда начался дождь, сразу послышалась песня синей птицы. Новая песня для меня, так как раньше я слышал только мелодичные свисты и пронзительный свист/крик тревоги, то в этот день слышали два вида полифонической какофонии с элементами и мелодичных свистов и пронзительных [...... read more ]

Чеглоки возле Аграрной академии.

2013-09-13 | Galina Kondratenko

Уже который день, по утрам и вечерам, наблюдаю трех соколов в сквере возле Аграрной академии. Они облюбовали сухую сосну, недалеко от центрального входа, кружат над проспектом Абая, перелетая на большой карагач. Позавчера сфотографировала. Фотографировала вечером, после работы, темнело, фото не очень. Кажется чеглоки. Уверена, что сидят они там и днем. Можно сфотографировать лучше. [...... read more ]

Белая .трясогузка.

2013-09-10 | Malik Nukusbekov

Уже трети день хорошо летит белые трясогузки,в стайке по 13 по 15 птиц. [...... read more ]

Стрепет в районе п.Кок-Жиде (р.Или)

2013-09-09 | Aleksandr Guskov

08.09.2013г. наблюдал примерно в 2-х км от берега р.Или трех птиц. Сделать фото хорошего качества не получилось. [...... read more ]

Kimasar gorge, Ile Alatau National Park.

2013-09-08 | Askar Isabekov

Common trip to mountain with family. Birding is on background but some birds were recorded. I saw a lot of Greenish and Hume’s Warblers, Coal Tits. Blue-capped and Black Redstarts are present but not yet numerous, I saw one female Black Redstart and some males of Blue-capped ones. Stonechats in the top border of spruce forest were strange to me. Also I saw Wren, juvenile Black-throated Accentor, Kestrel, and one dark morph Buzzard. I expected more raptors - but in vain. [...... read more ]

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rare birds records

Northern Hawk Owl (Surnia ulula ulula)

© Aleksandr Klimenko
Poperechka river, Ridder, VKO

The first photo record of this subspecies on the site

Lesser White-fronted Goose (Anser erythropus)

© Ivan Bevza

The second record in Semirechye. From November 17 to December 7 one Lesser White-fronted Goose and five White-fronted Geese were observed together at one of Karachingil lakes. Before this 3 birds had been met on March 9th of 2003 in the floodplain of Kopy near the Saz railway station (Karpov, Belyalov, Kovshar 2004).
Карпов Ф.Ф., Белялов О.В., Ковшарь В.А. Первая встреча пискульки на юго-востоке Казахстана//Каз. орнитол. бюлл. 2003. Алматы, 2004. С. 135.

Meadow Bunting (Emberiza cioides)

© Anna Yasko
Aktau, Mangystau region

The first record on Mangyshlak. The nearest known record points are located too much to east: Karatau ridge (Nukusbekov,; Chalikova, Kolbintsev, 2005) and the foothills of Talas Alatau (Belousov,

Blackcap (Sylvia atricapilla)

© Vladimir Vorobyov
VKO Katon-Karagay

The easternmost record in Kazakhstan. During migration Blackcap mostly occurs in Western Kazakhstan. For a long time the easternmost record was the observation in Borovoe (Shtegman, 1934). In Kurgaldzhino birds were recorded both in spring and autumn migration (Koshkin, 2017). In Russia this species distributes in east up to Tomsk and Kemerovo oblast (Ryabitsev, 2014; Vasilchenko, 2004). In China first Blackcap was recorded in 2012 in Kashi (Guo H., Ma M., 2013), also birds were later observed at November 21st and December 29th of 2013 ( Probably the occurring of Blackcaps so far to east relates to the new wintering spots of the eastern populations of this species.

Васильченко А.А. «Птицы Кемеровской области». Кемерово: Кузбассвузиздат, 2004-488 с. Гаврилов Э.И. "Фауна и распространение птиц Казахстана". Алматы, 1999. Кошкин А.В. 2017. Орнитофауна Тениз-Коргалжынского региона (Центральный Казахстан) // Рус. орнитол. журн. 26 (1415): 909-956.
Рябицев В.К. "Птицы Сибири". Москва-Екатеринбург, Изд-во "Кабинетный ученый", 2014. Guo H., Ma M. Eurasian Blackcap (Sylvia atricapilla)-a new bird record in China [Chinese]. Zoological Research, 2013, Oct. 34(5). P. 507-508

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Big Year 2018

1. Boris Gubin (42)
2. Serg Silan (40)
3. Anna Yasko (39)
4. Askar Isabekov (37)
5. Andrey Vilyayev (34)

unidentified birds


Сергей Силантьев: Пожалуйста на удаление.


Сергей Силантьев: Пожалуйста на удаление.


Сергей Силантьев: Пожалуйста на удаление.


Сергей Силантьев: Пожалуйста на удаление.

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