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First Shrikes, first Chiffchaff.

2017-03-21 | Askar Isabekov

Urban birding with Alexander Belyaev. As Alexander come from Taldykurgan especially for White-browed Tit-Warbler we started in Dendropark. Because Alexander has experience in birdwatching, he found Tit-Warbler himself not paying attention to a lot of people in park. In addition to Tit-Warblers we saw numerous Eversmann's Redstarts, Mallard, Goldcrests and other common birds too. One flying in eastern direction Steppe Eagle was surprise for us. List of birds in Dendropark.After noon we went to Sairan. We didn't find Blue Whistling Thrush again but watched the first in this spring Chiffchaff and two Shrikes – one Isabelline and one Turkestan Shrikes. Of course we saw many Masked Wagtails and Eversmann's Redstarts. List of birds in Sairan.Summary: in the higher part of the city we watched only birds of wintering species + wandering to mountain Eversmann's Redstart. But in lower part of city we saw mostly spring migrants. Snow in higher part, but almost green in lower one. However, the lower [...... read more ]

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Happy Nowruz Day!

2017-03-21 | Askar Isabekov

The Day of Spring Equinox is the start of the next Life Cycle, the Joy of the end of the winter and the Hope for a new life. Novruz means New Day in Persian language. I wish everyone something new for each of us coming with the New Day! Because new is always better than old. [...... read more ]

Urban Birding. Eversmann's Redstarts and other birds.

2017-03-20 | Askar Isabekov

After two day snowfall all around became white. In first day after snowfall the pitiable birds were tring to find food in the open asphalt roads but unsuccessfully. Today snow is melt and birds feel relied. Morning was cold and overcast, but I went to Sairan because my new friend Francesc Cuscó watched there the Blue Whistling Thrush. I didn't find Whistling Thrush but watched the first in city Masked Wagtails, and also Eversmann's Redstarts and flock of Water Pipits. Probably later in the wet sands of Sairan be possible to watch migrating shorebirds too.In Dendropark I was close to midday time, mostly I wanted to find White-browed Tit-Warblers. I found the couple feeding in spruce-trees, thujas and in open grass under the spruce-trees. In addition to Tit-Warblers I saw one Red-mantled Rosefinch, Magpies building nests, flock of Bramblings, and Eversmann's Redstarts. Latter is bird of the day because I saw everywhere the significant number of them. During the watching day I saw about [...... read more ]

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Окрестноси Талдыкоргана

2017-03-18 | Alexandr Belyaev

После месячного перерыва 16 марта прогулялся по своим владениям: пруды-отстойники, заросли лоха, поля, пойма Каратала ну и сам Каратал. Весна вступает в свои права, но зима еще не спешит уходить - не на всех прудах сошел лед, в джидовнике и на полях много еще снега, но уже много открытых пространств, по ним и старался передвигаться. Птиц уже по весеннему много. На прудах-отстойниках ожидаемо было много уток,но браконьеры не дали толком поснимать - после первых выстрелов утки поднялись со всех отстойников и сразу улетели, остались лысухи и несколько [...... read more ]

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Martins, Wagtails, Pelicans.

2017-03-17 | Askar Isabekov

Two days ago I had a little misunderstanding in phone call. I talk about Mallards spend the night on snow in our local park, but my friend ask me – what snow about you talking? The higher part of city is all covered by snow, but in lower one all of snow was melt. Today I visited Kurty and Sorbulak and was surprised the steppe is not only free from the snow but almost dry. During the road I saw two first in this spring Masked Wagtails in Komsomol but didn't make stopping because I hoped to find them in Kurty. But whet I noticed House Martins over the Kaskelen river I go to take photo of first spring Martins. In addition to three tens of Martins I saw here Masked and Citrine Wagtails, Water Pipits, singing Red-fronted Serin, Marsh harrier, flying by Cormorants and Caspian Gulls. The most emotional records are Wagtails and Martins of course. The list of birds in Mezhdurechensk. Sorbulak is still covered by ice, only near the coastal line ice was melt. The same story is in Savka lake. [...... read more ]

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Про голоса птиц

2017-02-25 | Askar Isabekov

[...... read more ]

Tracks on snow

2017-02-23 | Askar Isabekov

Today I found the tracks on snow in the park. First the illegible tracks of someone with short legs, then they disappeared and then the tracks of wings - three tracks, each next is less clear than previous.My guess: recent years in this place the different small rodents and insectivorous inhabited: moles, shrews, may be voles. I think some of its came out on the snow and was captured by Sparrowhawk. I think by Sparrowhawk, due to the small wingspan - about 45 cm.I confused by the large size of tracks for underground inhabitants. Size is more suitable for Squirrel. But Squirrel can not come out of nowhere, but the tracks suddenly appeared and just as suddenly disappeared. [...... read more ]

Sorbulak. Start of spring migration.

2017-02-19 | Askar Isabekov

Sunday was surprisingly cold and snowy. But I and Oleg Belyalov anyway went to Sorbulak. Firstly we visited Little Sorbulak. On the road over Karaoi village we noticed birds were feeding on the hay putting on snow. Most of birds were Corn Buntings and Feral Pigeons, but also Crested larks, one Black-throated Thrush, Mynas, Collared Doves were there; nearby we saw Grey-headed Goldfinches too. The next spot is dump of Sorbulak. Due to frost the road to dump was more or less good, but some times we rounded the water by the snowy steppe. In the dump as we expected we saw much of Corvids, Rock Doves, and several tens of White-tailed Sea-Eagles. Among the latters we noticed two Steppe Eagles too. Two closest to mouth of channel bays of the first reservoir of Little Sorbulak are open. But the rest of reservoir is still ice-covered. But in open water we saw Swans (both Mute and Whooper) and Ducks (Mallards, Pintails, Common Pochards, Gosadners). On the road to gateway we saw three Fieldfares and [...... read more ]

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Незаурядный день!

2017-02-15 | Alexandr Balykin

Так вот! После того как отвез утром дочь в детский сад решил проехать мимо вчерашних мест с интересной встречей свирестелей, а вдруг не улетели, вдруг кормятся на каком-нибудь кусте шиповника где-то рядом, (крутилось в голове пока поднимался по проспекту Аль-Фараби, и вот проехав мимо места встречи заметил очищенный от плодов куст, доехал до Мустафина и свернул направо в сторону КазГАСА и только перевел взгляд на противоположную сторону дороги, а тааамм!!!! на тротуаре несколько птиц собирают шиповник, после разворота впечатлений добавила встреча [...... read more ]


2017-02-05 | Gennadiy Dyakin

На выходные ездили купаться на горячие источники за Чунджой. Пока ехали туда удивлялся, что большую часть дороги не встретилось ни одного хищника. Но это было до Чилика. А вот потом появились и разные канюки, и 2 пустельги встретились. И я понял почему: до Чилика земля была покрыта сплошным снежным покровом, а вот дальше уже только пятна снега, а потом и вообще снега не стало. На обратном пути 5 февраля стал считать канюков, и на участке между горячими источниками и мостом через Чарын (это около 60 км) насчитал 18 канюков. Не всех их удалось разглядеть [...... read more ]

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rare birds records

Mediterranean Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus brookei)

© Anatoly Levin
Caspian see north-east part

The first record of the Mediterranean Peregrine Falcon (Falco Peregrinus brookei) in the territory (territorial waters) of Kazakhstan.

Western Marsh-Harrier (Circus aeruginosus)

© Ivan Bevza

Редкая зимняя встреча вида для Семиречья. До этого одна птица была сфотографирована на равнине, примыкающей к южному побережью Капчагайского водохранилища 17 декабря 2016 г. (Г. Дякин,, одну птицу наблюдали на р. Чу в районе с. Кордай в январе 2008 г. (Белялов, Карпов, 2009).

Common Sandpiper (Actitis hypoleucos)

© Alexandr Katuncev

The first photo of the species in the winter.

Dalmatian Pelican (Pelecanus crispus)

© Oleg Belyalov
Almaty region

Четвертая зимняя встреча кудрявого пеликана на Юго-Востоке Казахстана. Первые две встречи были в декабре 1998 г. на Сорбулаке и в 2007 г. в Алакольской котловине (Березовиков, 2008). Еще одна встреча на Сорбулаке датируется 27 декабря 2014 г. (О.Белялов,

more rarities...

Big Year 2017

1. Askar Isabekov (91)
2. Anna Yasko (77)
3. Alexandr Katuncev (62)
4. Andrey Vilyayev (61)
5. Malik Nukusbekov (51)

unidentified birds


Анна Ясько: На 3 и 4 снимках, самец обыкновенной овсянки (возможно, с некоторой примесью генов белошапочной, судя по коричневым помаркам ближе к горлу).


Борис Губин: Думаю, что это сарыч (B.B.vulpinus),самка которого снова загнездилась в паре с курганником на том же месте, что подряд два года назад. Сейчас она


Анна Ясько: Я не против, пусть будет камышевкой. Как предположила Галина, скорее всего садовая.


Олег Белялов: Я принял птицу за caligata просто посмотрев на пальцы. Она в английском Booted - обутая. Есть разница в цвете. Как-то в мае видимо 2000 я встречал таких

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